Models and prices

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our roof cover. We work with the best materials on the market which consist of a 3mm thick layer of caucho covered by an equally thick layer of cork a renewable and eco-friendly material coming from Spain. You can choose the colour of your dome from a wide variety of colours. All of our dome models come with insulation. The basic model includes 5cm of wood fiber insulation which can be extended to 15cm depending on the climatic  requirements.


Glamping Dome

Domo Glamping

Our glamping model is basically a dome on top of a wall. This facilitates the positioning of furniture and also allows for the installation of standard sized windows. In bigger dome models this wall allows for the installation of a second floor which can enlarge the usable floor space of the structure by 30%. Our glamping models are offered in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8 meters in diameter.

from 13500

Dome Hall

Domo Sala de yoga

Our basic dome model consists of the geodesic sphere. It also comes in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8 meters in diameter which translates to 15m2 – 50m2. This dome model is especially interesting for activities such as yoga or meditation or also as therapy room as the positioning of furniture is less important. A window front on one side of the dome could be a beautiful addition to the structure.

from 12500

Bespoke structure

Domo glamping interior

If you have some other kind of dome design in mind and want us to build or design your vision just let us know and we will start working on your project. Our team can put up your dream dome from design to finished dome in a matter of 90 days.

A standard dome will include:

  • 5 cm of ecological insulation (wood fiber)
  • 1 wooden entrance door
  • 2 openable windows
  • 4 fixed window panes
  • External finish with caucho and natural cork
  • interior finish plywood or dry wall
  • includes wooden deck (does not need a conventional foundation)
  • Flooring to choose from tongue and groove or laminated floor


Ask us for a quote 

Designing a dome includes a large number of factors that can influence the pricing ranging from choice of materials to location of the building site. Just give us a call so we can send you a personalized budget.


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