Rocket barbecue hot tub

The project

A rocket hot tub must be one of the best natural building projects ever. After reading Becky Bee’s book: you can make the best hot tub ever we decided to make one ourselves. It is fun easy cheap and the results can be amazing both in terms of aesthetics as well as the relax factor once you completely relax and watch the stars. On top of that after heating up the water you can have a barbecue on the embers.  Here we demonstrate how we transformed an overgrown area in the garden into this rocket barbecue hot tub.

rocket hot tub
rocket hot tub, ademas

Foundations and structure

First we laid a gravel foundation. We used some stone blocks and some earthen bricks to support the bath tub. We made sure everything was level and lastly we added the oven flu for the fire to exit the burn chamber. We built a wall to protect the water exit from being in contact with the fire

rocket hot tub

Cob and oven flu

Next we started to construct the cob layer around the foundations. We mixed sand earth and straw and covered all the blocks and bricks. The idea is to create a burn chamber for the fire which is as smooth as possible to not obstruct the flow of the smoke. We also added an elbow to the end of the flu pipe and added the chimney. For the water to run off we attached a plastic pipe to the drain.

Rocket hot tub
rocket hot tub
rocket hot tub

Building up the walls around the rocket hot tub

Now we just had to build up the walls around the bath tub. This we did with stones earth and straw. We looked for some nice flat stones for the top of the walls. For the entrance of the fire we built a stone arc.

rocket hot tub, ademas
rocket hot tub

Finishing off

To finish we added a wooden bench which serves as a place to dry oneself off after the bath. Furthermore underneath the wooden terrace one can store wood. In addition we added some sitting space around the hot tub. The sitting area is quite low so that the people sitting around the bath have their heads at the same level as the person taking the bath. The entrance of the fire chamber also serves as a BBQ which can be used after the water has been heated.

rocket hot tub ademas


Learn how to build your own rocket barbecue hot tub in your backyard then sit back relax the hot water and enjoy the barbecue watching the stars!

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