Ademas the project

Ademas is a natural building project located in the south of Spain between Granada and Malaga. We build geodesic domes with natural materials they can be used as one room houses, tourist accommodation, greenhouses or spaces to practice yoga and meditation. Our domes are covered in yurt canvas or cork both natural materials with next to negative environmental impact.

Why live in a geodesic dome?

The geodesic dome as well as the zome are both structures directly inspired by nature. They are based on sacred geometry and the patterns and shapes they create remind of mandalas or flowers. Our domes and zomes are self supporting and do not require columns or beams allowing for a large open living space. Due to the special geometry of these structures they are often used as places of meditation of for other activities related to self development like yoga or sound healing. Other uses could be for tourist accommodation or as a green house for planting seedlings in winter. The advantages these buildings have over conventional buildings are the following…

Advantages of living in a geodesic structure

  • efficient use of building materials

    very efficient in covering square meters with a minimum of building materials making a dome both quick to build and cheaper than any conventional building

  • resistant structure

    resistant to strong winds and earthquakes due to inherent strength in the geodesic structure

  • Connecting energy

    the round shape of the dome creates a connecting energy making it an excellent meeting space as well as being congenial for activities such as yoga and meditation

  • Building permits

    Our domes and zomes are constructed on a wooden platform and therefore do not require a legal permit at least here in Andalusia.

  • acoustics

    incredible acoustics ideal for musicians and sound therapists


We organize natural building courses on specific structures including: geodesic dome, zome, earthen pizza oven, rocket hot tub and compost toilet. If you would like us to build any of the above mentioned structures on your land we can organize a course for you. You would pay for the building materials and organize food for participants we would organize the rest.