Eco domes and zomes made of wood and cork


This structure provides a wonderful open living space as it is self supporting and does not require any coloumns to support itself. The zome is based on rectangles and has a shape similar to a diamond. We design our zomes standing on a supporting wall. This allows for straight walls in the interior. The height and the dimension of the structure depend entirely on the requierments of our clients. A structure can cover a floor space of anywhere from 10 m2 to 45 m2. The basic zome will include a wooden floor, 2 double glazed windows, a door and a wood burning flu. The structure would need about a month to construct depending also on location and site preperation.


The geodesic dome is made of wooden triangles. The Dome sits on a 2 meter supporting wall and can cover a floor space of 15m2  – 40 m2 depending on the design. The outside of the dome is covered with cork an ecological material produced here in Spain that makes the structure impermeable and at the same time insulates from heat and cold. The basic structure includes 2 double glazed windows, a door and the wooden floor. We offer optional insulation of floor walls and roof depending on the climatic situation. Other optional extras include a skylight and the wood burning flu. To build such a structure we require one month.