ademas, natural building course
ademas, natural building course


I have been a teacher for many years and my passion for natural building has led me to study construction with earth, straw, lime and wood. I want to transmit that natural building is for everyone and the courses I teach are meant to inspire and open up the world of off-grid life in nature. I specialize in the construction of geodesic domes.


I have worked in many jobs ranging from carpentery to pottery and to building entire houses. In recent years i have specialized in making handicrafts from cork and I have a solid experience using this material. Our project ademas is a symbiosis of my knowledge of cork and the geometrical calculations that result in the geodesic dome.


My name is Camille and I take care of the administration and communication of the school. In terms of natural building my passion lies with the decoration of structures with mosaic and paint. My professional background is in humanitarian work for NGOs.