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Ademas is a natural building school located in the south of Spain between the cities of Granada, Malaga and Almeria. The school is hidden away in the mountains. It offers beautiful views in a terraced landscape surrounded by mountains and nature. Our site is completely off grid. We get our energy from solar panels and our drinking water comes from a nearby spring. Water for showers and washing up comes directly from the Sierra Nevada mountains through an ancient irrigation system built by the Moors.

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Our Courses

Our courses aim to empower you to build your own shelter and move you towards self sufficiency. Ademas runs short courses on specific structures for example building a geodesic dome, pizza oven, rocket hot tub, compost toilet or solar shower. Our longer residential courses cover a combination of these structures. We are providing a head start into the world of natural building.

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Natural building materials

We source the materials we use for our courses locally to avoid a negative impact on the environment. We reuse and recycle materials and focus on what we have on site. During a residential course with Ademas you will learn the basics of building with earth, stone, wood and straw.


Living off-grid

Living in nature can be an extremely rewarding decision. There are however days when one longs for unlimited hot showers or one is in need of energy due to lack of sunlight. Our courses aim to provide the basic tools to build everything required for a comfortable life in harmony with our surroundings.

Apart from natural building we also grow our own food. Our goal of self sufficiency regarding vegetables and herbs allows us to provide tasty organic meals for our course participants.

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